What is special about Programmatic In-House?

Personification, control, and data are principles that most brands rely on while planning ad campaigns. Marketers have to take into account a variety of ad channels, formats, and strategies. All these tools require both tight control and fine-tuning, preferably using a single interface.

Why do companies want to build an in-house programmatic department?

One reason is that they want to gain full control not only over results but also over the running process. The in-house implementation makes an ad campaign more transparent. It also shortens the decision-making process. Only a few people work on strategy, creatives, and analyze results — none of them is from a third-party organization. Not only it boosts the decision-making quality, but it also shortens the reaction time.

How do brands feel about developing programmatic in-house?

According to a survey provided by IAB Programmatic and Accenture Interactive, every fifth company in the world has taken programmatic in-house.

Which types of programmatic in-house exist?

Self-service DSP

Types of programmatic in-house

Worldwide Programmatic Platform