Safely, transparently and under full control — TOP3 2019 trends in programmatic

Programmed advertising ensures that target groups can be reached quickly, effectively and with highly personalized content. For the past few years, buying advertising space in a model where the use of software is replacing manual selection has been gaining importance. It is also not surprising that new trends and possibilities are constantly appearing in programmatic advertising. It‘s worth knowing them and using them to make your ads even more effective.

Programmatic advertising works effectively both online and offline. However,
regardless of the communication channel, each time there may be problems related to the message, which should be prevented by the advertiser. Fortunately, new solutions support programmatic advertising and effectively prevent brand image crises. How does that happen? Let’s see!

Security above all

On the Internet you can often find pictures showing the inappropriate planning of advertisements in urban spaces. And it’s not about the location, but the context in which a given product or brand is presented. Billboards of competitors appearing next to each other, slogans from various advertisements which put together create an ambiguous context, or advertisements of products next to advertisements of politicians — these are ways to quickly gain the attention of recipients, but not necessarily in a positive way. Similar situations can happen online. That is why we have established the Friendly Index system. It is an algorithm which, when planning the purchase of advertising space, excludes all those websites that may be unfavorable for a given brand. These may include e.g. pages with memes, “fake news”, or marked as “unsecured”. Using programmatic advertising in, it is not possible for your product or brand to appear in the wrong context.

Transparency in programmatic? It’s possible!

Transparency in programmatic advertising has been one of the hottest trends in 2019. Companies need to know how their campaigns are run and what types of media or formats will be most effective. Investments need to be as beneficial as possible so that programmatic budgets are not wasted. This challenge is faced by platforms offering the planning of programmatic advertising. Our proposal is a very transparent product — hybridReports. It is an advertising campaign analysis system in which you can check all impressions, clicks, CTR and the bounce rate. The system offers access to every SSP advertising network, thanks to which you will be able to view detailed information such as the rates at which a given advertisement was purchased.

Internal teams

The need for security and transparency has led to another trend in 2019 — the creation and strengthening of in-house programmatic departments. Planning the purchasing of advertisements within internal structures instead of outsourcing results in a more effective planning system. Secondly, this increases the security of investing in programmatic advertising. However, this process is currently based primarily on hybrid activities. Agencies train people as part of teams and run part of the campaign, but an employee on the client’s side fully controls the campaign in terms of data and costs. The answer to these hybrid relationships is another product — hybridSuite. This is a self-service platform which allows you to manage your campaign in real time. It helps to optimize campaigns and achieve planned goals more effectively. At the same time, the platform can be accessed by both the agency’s team and the client’s employees. This ensures full insight into the data and the transparent flow of information.

In this way, the three most important trends of 2019 can be realized thanks to one hybrid platform.



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