AdTech in real estate — effectively and dynamically?

4 min readAug 7, 2019


The long-standing demand for flats, high real estate prices and more and more recent investments can make the marketing departments in the real estate industry complacent. However, it is unadvised to rest on laurels, because the world of advertising is also growing dynamically, and those who take advantage of new opportunities will be able to get ahead of the competition quickly.

Until recently, a static and unified message was commonplace, as well as a few creative lines for reaching particular audiences, and high costs of targeting and creating messages. Fortunately, this form of advertising is becoming a thing of the past. New technologies have made real estate brands able to afford very sophisticated and effective methods of promotion, both online and offline.

Complex target group — easy to reach

Everyone dreams about owning a home. However, reaching those people who want to change their dreams into reality is not a simple task. Fortunately, new tools available on the market can greatly facilitate this. Imagine that a consumer appears at a real estate exhibition — yours or your competitor’s, visits websites, reads articles about purchasing apartments or housing prices. It’s your potential customer. How can you reach him? One possibility is a geofencing campaign. Although determining the location of a potential consumers by means of smartphones and using this knowledge for marketing purposes has been known for a long time, nowadays geofencing is becoming available in an increasing number of formats. How can it be used in the real estate industry? There are many possibilities.

Direct mobile communication

Geofencing can be used to display targeted ads on mobile devices — on websites and in applications. Users can view e.g. real estate from the district in which they are currently located. In addition, these are users who belong to the relevant segment — their interests concern mortgage loans, the purchase of flats, housing prices, etc. A database of such users is built using keywords, by service providers providing DMP platforms which support geofencing. Thanks to the proper collection and analysis of data through this type of platform, potential customers can be reached both in real time and later, e.g. when the next sales stage starts.

Geolocation at the highest level

As already mentioned, the target group can be built not only on the basis of the history of searches and online interests, but also on specific offline activities. This is possible thanks to the new GPS format — geo-personalized content. This service involves displaying to users in real time the nearest location of e.g. sales offices or show flats. It’s an effective way of increasing the probability of visiting them by potential customers. This format is popular among mobile telephone operators who invite customers to their nearest store. And although buying a phone may be more spontaneous than buying a flat, thanks to a suitably targeted group, your message can reach people who are already on the path leading to the purchase of their own home.

Dynamically in offline media

DMP platforms allow not only to match your message to a previously created target group, but they are also an opportunity to create target groups on a look-a-like basis. They are people who have similar interests, demographic profiles and online behaviors as people already belonging to the target group.

However, it doesn’t end there. To keep up with the trends that will develop in the coming years, dynamic advertising is beginning to appear on the real estate market. It consists in displaying different content on the same medium. This content is always adapted to the recipient from the appropriate segment. All you need to do is create several versions of images or calls to action, and the system based on artificial intelligence automatically adapts the copy and graphics to each of the target groups. This way, both premium and regular customers will see a message that is tailored to their needs. And all this will happen automatically and with a perfect sense of the customers’ needs.


Przemysław Symonides — director of development and sales specialist of, an international company specializing in online advertising. He has been involved in the media industry for 10 years. Online advertising expert with special regard to the programmatic area. He gained professional experience, among others on the “Nowoczesna Firma” portal as the Portal Manager or “Adexon” Specialist in solutions for the real estate industry.

The article was published also in the Real Estate Section of “Rzeczpospolita” — Polish opinion-leading daily